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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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be and gas prices continue to go up coming up i will tell you how much more we're paying this morning. >> and the giants and a's in a playoff baseball they both play off. you have more on a disappointing we income for bay area baseball. and the president is still the bay area today. first let's talk about the weather we do have a quota on the way in the possibility for sprinkles. >> we could see an isolated
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showers but right now dealing with cold temperatures and a lot of spots sitting in the mid 40's. into the afternoon expected to rise in the upper fifties to low seventies. i will break down those numbers and show you where we can expect wet weather coming in just a bit george. >> erica we are looking at the beginning of a backup in and of the metering lights have yet to be activated. apparently it is to be with us until the metering lights are turned on in a few minutes. your quick commute check shows a easy laugher most bay area freeways but it's already had it on interstate 580 and on highway 4. darden. >> as prices of still going up up up in the bay area. the average of san francisco is four. 73 and brought the bay area. the london r.e.m.
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that's what i tell people-- >> your approval the became more you can see people filling up this morning not very happy i did not see one smile as they were slipping in their credit cards into the place so they could pay. if you are in sentences, you talked about the average take a look of your screen. $4.73. last week we were paying $4.27 that of 465 and just in that city. $4.67 across the bridge last week it was $4.80. in oakland a jump of 495 compared to seven to school. and in san jose its hostile $4.67. $4.20 last week the governor realizes what's going on he is asking the california air resources board to tell the
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refineries to start producing the winter blamed if that happens that will bring more supply more gas and to the supply area that means more gas will be available and hopefully that will drive down prices. if not we're looking at approximately $5 a gallon in the next week or so. and that's-that she will probably go up a little bit more than that. how long that's going to stay we are not exactly sure. this will also translates to more at the stores because now it will cost the stores much more to ship the products that we buy bread food everything else. a lot of people are already making jokes maybe it's time for them to bust out their bikes backed you dari. oh yes and of course is not biking weather. thanks a lot leal. >> that's turn our attention to politics when decision 2012. president obama was in southern california and
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today he is here. in the bay area he will be a arriving this afternoon on the second day of his california visit. he is a live look at the auditorium where the president will be later today. that will be at about 4:00. after the event at the intercontinental hotel he will have dinner at a concert fundraiser. alex smith is scheduled to make an appearance. we'll have a live report from the civic auditorium. >> mid romney meanwhile will be borrowing president obamas coke slogan in an address later today. about 820 our time we will bring that to you live portions of it. from the is accusing. the army says hope is not a strategy for dealing with
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the middle east. >> and we also have some new video to show you with the kron 4 news loan. city hall and altman was one of the buildings vandalized you can see some of those windows were broken. police say it happened around 7:00 shortly after an anti-war protest they think and or kissed in masks in black clothing joined up with about 250 protesters. the also targeted restaurants we saw a car vandalized and storefronts. as well as the tribune building. they also broke about 10 windows at city hall. mark b. area baseball disappointing losses with the giants and for the athletics. they suffered the worst playoff loss in history. the skull to the top of the second at at&t park. a one nothing for
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it at that point they never looked back. another player striking out. he retired the first 14 giants he faced top of the fourth 2-0 reds.
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and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented. welcome back to the kron 4 news cannot eye on wall street. 30,016 was the close on friday. the highest close since december 2007. dow
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features down 42 ride account. the market closed for columbus day but wall street is open for business. alcoa will be releasing their quarterly earnings. oil prices down in asia. a crew below $90 a barrel. and also watching what's happening in asia and the world bank is cutting its growth forecast for asia. china's gross this year cut to seven percent down to 8.2%. we will bring you the opening bell at 630. >> are ride a busy bay area weekend brought huge numbers for bart transit officials say riders should hit a new high on saturday. more than 319,000 people world bart.
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the user will 400 usual number s 200,000. >> it is six: 11 will be back with more in just a couple of minutes less take a live look at walnut creek. traffic on 680 looking pretty good will be right back
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welcome back the number of people who have been sick with fine gold meningitis from the tainted epidural steroid injections that we have told you about is not at 91 people in nine states including seven deaths from this injections. a voluntary recall has been issued of all its profit products. >> an update on an earthquake in southern california no reports or damages or injuries. the desert area over the weekend you can see on this map for san diego is in a course where the epicenter is in relation to the city.
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about 90 mi. north east of san diego. >> are right 615 must take a look at the weather we're starting off this monday morning and the workweek with some clouds and we may get some rain. >> that's right dire we have some potential for some showers right now there is a slight chance. it looks like any of the rain we see will actually stay offshore. those chances increase into wednesday along with the rain we do have a potential for some isolated thunderstorms details coming up on that in just a bit. turn your attention to this morning we have some low clouds not impacting visibility at the james lick freeway in downtown san francisco. contending with low '40's right now in santa rosa 46 out the door in half moon bay 51 for oakland. 50 whacking up in sunnyvale and cool conditions into the afternoon highs by about 3:00 p.m.. expect some
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locations to be five to six degrees cooler compared to what we saw yesterday. yellow vindicating '70s filling in for the delta livermore valley. to see some low seventies for places like san jose and los gatos and in low seventies for places like santa rosa and for napa. in fact of the blue on your screen indicates a wide range of '50s. you will certainly need a jacket later on tonight has for this afternoon relatively mild conditions. will see a mix of sun and clouds. 71 for cupertino. in turn your attention to inland east and valleys with could climb to 74 antioch 63 in san leandro and union city coming in at 67 degrees. we will see prsunshine for
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petaluma, downtown san francisco 63 degrees if you're heading to the beach bring a jacket will see a fair amount of clouds purify radar
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no delays southbound. the skull to the east bay where we are getting word that pleasant hill road, the bypass leading south out of pleasant hill obviously tortes lafayette won lane
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has been shut down. because of a downed power line. it will be closed at least one way traffic control through the entire commute if you would like to take the back door don't try it this morning. you'll be better off i stay on 680 down to 24. in your ride to the south bay problem free picking up some slowing as we had three minutes to the dry ttime 19 minutes to the montague expressway. there are reports of some slowing from holly street but it has not registered on the road sensors and again the right ring county to lay free still. >> and in bay area news police and hercules are trying to figure out what motivated killing a peaceful neighborhood and one was found dead in the killer drove off in her car. these are looking for a car that has idaho plates is a
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2011 subaru out that. the neighbors found the body after she did not pick up her husband at the airport in oakland on friday. she died from a traumatic injury this is the second homicide that they have seen in hercules and two years please do not know if it was a targeted attack on her or if it was random. san francisco board of supervisors are going to decide if mirkarimi gets to keep his job after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge stemming from a fight he got into it with his wife. they found him guilty of official ms. conduct and tomorrow will be the first time since 1932 that the board will vote on removing an elected official for misconduct. >> the agent who was killed last week was killed by
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friendly fire it happened at the border. the border patrol agent bought two of his colleagues were on small was an open fire on them he was killed when a return fire. meanwhile attorneys in the jerry sandusky case will be meeting with the judge today one day ahead of sentencing for the convicted child molester. they are expected to discuss matters relating to the two court sessions that will be held tomorrow. first off the have a hearing to determine whether sandusky is a violent sexual predator. and the second he faces life in prison. >> for developing news as we attempt to keep you going on monday morning. the president waking up this morning taking it is in san francisco as he continued his second visit in california. >>
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>> and were back as give you a quick update on the weather is we take a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. in an hies getting to 72. not a bad day period beginning tomorrow we have a chance for a sprinkle or to. tuesday and wednesday will be the days when you see that and the cooler weather continues into the weekend. with clouds and son on saturday. to get a full and
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detailed look at your weather forecast coming up in just a little bit. if you find yourself tricky when the 2 c. of coffee a day you could actually be at risk for glaucoma or at least increase interest for glaucoma. a certain kind of glaucoma called exfoliation glaucoma is up 60 percent if you drink more than three cocups of coffee a day. researchers said the result still need to be confirmed through more studies. >> the fbi says the number of laser pointers into airplanes is reaching epidemic levels. they say the attacks could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012 which is more than a 1000 percent increase from 2005. the problem is laser pointers contemporary leave
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line pilots. now that nasa is out of the business of sending ships up to the international space station we have our first commercial spaceship lifting off. >> 321 and lift off lift off of the space expert falcon 9 rocket. the rocket was launched from cape canaveral it is holding 1,000 lbs. of cargo. including a freezer that has street for the astronauts. it is the first of 12 missions under the contract with nasa. missions under the contract with nasa. we don't call this our company, missions under the contract with nasa. we call this our mission. green toys teaches children
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erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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welcome back to the kron 4 news alive look at wall street. tele-communications and video conferencing company green in the opening bell on wall street a pretty good company of revenue of $1.5 billion last year. there is adt ringing in the opening bell security company on the new york stock exchange. down 42. after we had the best week last week. the dow at its highest level since december of 2007 will bring you the numbers from wall street about the numthroughout the mor >> we do have a little bit of clouds cover out there who the conditions into the
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afternoon. tonight mostly cloudy temperatures in the '50s and '60s. and as we head into tomorrow we do have the potential for wet weather. i walked into the timing of the rain and show you who will be impacted coming up straight ahead. >> here is a quick computer check as we look at the bay bridge west down ride with the backup has filled in. the slowest traffic is still to be found on both highway for interstate 580 we're still looking at a relatively light conditions to the south bay for the spate of the north bay in the north bay as well at least the ride through marin county and 101 south down. now let's turn our attention to politics as we continue to follow a decision 2012. president obama is visiting the bay area today. a clouds side kron 4 sole reporter jackie sissel standing by at
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the civic auditorium with more on the president's visit. >> good morning change to concede the marquee is up and the building is stressed out in red white and blue. this is one of three stops the president will be making today. he spent the night in southern california last night. today he is supposed to fly up from southern california at around 130 today he will ride. from there he will go to a fund- raiser at the intercontinental down town san francisco. he will come back to the bill graham's civic auditorium for another fund raiser. he has a third one plan in the city of san francisco later tonight. down along with the president to visit that brings out protesters in we're expecting to see protesters from cold pink and some other anti-war organizations. they are planning on staging that protest. that will start somewhere between 4 35:00
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this afternoon if you will be anywhere in the downtown area today later today. this evening tonight. be aware that any time the president is in town is a huge security issue. streets are blocked not only were the of it is but also for the motorcade. there may be traffic issues in a confined dow with the protesters. why is the president down? it is all about the money james he has been here several times in the last couple of clubs and he is back again to raise money for the campaign. >> romney is also has been paying this is to the bay area of attempting to sway voters. thank you for following the president's travels throughout the day today. >> we are days away from the first and only vice presidential debate the
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canada's or paying for the big matchup on the heels of last week's presidential debate. the democrats are hoping president joe--vice presidential biting can pull off a win. >> i think that joe biden is incredibly gifted when it comes to debating an understanding policies. >> vice president biden will do very very well he knows what's going on. he is in touch with the american public and i'm just hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> foreign and domestic policy issues both are going to be in place on thursday night as the only vice presidential debate before november 6th election. it is thursday in you could watch it right here on kron 4 we will have highlights the whole thing will be on our 247 news and weather channel you can watch it in its entirety on comcast channel 193 and also digital one--.
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>> no word of any evacuations for a water main break we will bring more details as soon as they come in if your water is off in the area of lombard and buchanan is because of this break. >> off and struck in oakland over the weekend a large group of people broke windows tag buildings and broke windows in city hall. police believe that an artist in mask and a black clothing joint 250 protesters were marching in the downtown area that also targeted restaurants, cars, and store fronts that even vandalized oakland tribune building. some folks would this would happen. >> the or sitting in the restaurant and having a nice dinner and try to enjoy ourselves and they came by
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and picked up three tables three chairs and a table and threw it at the plate glass window. >> police at this point don't know why the vandals attacked those businesses. they are still assessing the amount of damage that was done to the downtown area last night no amount of rest were made and no was injured says police. >> a sexual growth is didn't two of the people injured after they were struck by a minivan in a daily city church parking lot. st. andrew's catholic church they found three people suffering from life- threatening issues citral grow later died at the hospital. >> a state accident is proposing to suspend hearings of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosions. they're calling on adjust to
6:37 am
reject the request and motion was filed on friday seeking suspension of the current hearings. that motion says that putting the hearings on hold will allow p g n e negotiations for the blast that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >> at 636 we will continue on the kron for morning news' day wedding day nightmare 41 east coast ride over the weekend after a fight turns deadly at a reception for the wedding.
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>> three people are in jail and one man is dead following a brawl that war broke out at a wedding reception this weekend. first responders arrived
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after two parties got into a fight. it started early sunday morning at the hotel and spilled out into the streets. one man suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police are inspecting the video of trying to determine whether not more charges will be brought. >> he became the first man to successfully defend both titles. there was speculation that he would switch to a long jump or 400 m for a new challenge. the plan for 2016 is to defend his title.
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>> there are conflicting reports of problems and the factory in china where the apple iphone are made. claims of a strike on friday are being denied. they're saying there was no work stoppage. chinese media claims that there was a cas strike saying that the workers are protesting the strong demands. >> we will be breaking down all the latest on wall street and just a minute.
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>> cast prices just keep coming up. in san francisco the average is $4.73 a gallon. just a week ago it was 505 less than that. the
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governor is asking the chaithe board to help lower prices. this is a live look at bill graham's civic auditorium where president obama will be speaking later today. they're broken windows from vandalism and that happened after an anti-war protest. >> the dow is up 39 points right now. big numbers on friday, a bit surprising drop in unemployment. this
6:47 am
is a los level in 44 months. is this because people found work or st looking? >> we're not experiencing the same problems that europe is experiencing. it's better but we will live like for it to get even better. we are above the 7% mark, i would not call in great numbers i would call them good numbers. >> people from the obama camp for saying they were going to get unemployment down to less than 7% before the election. >> data can be manipulated, but i won't say that it is not. we all know people that don't even go to file
6:48 am
unemployment so the numbers could be wrong in the first place. it's higher than it should be in the united states. >> earnings season kicks off tomorrow and everyone is worried that this levy the first turning. were companies will slide a bit. >> last quarter they raise the expectations for aerospace. one of the things we want to look at coming into this quarter, is this the beginning of the end? last quarter we did not have revenue growth and now we are not going to have the growth to support revenue. >> should we be worried?
6:49 am
>> i am not. we're not china or europe. we do not export a lot. you're not going to see a lot of stimulus coming out of the world at this point in time except for the united states. i would say they're not sexy numbers it's alright. >> ok will take sex in numbers. --sexy emm >> there are some clouds and the distance. the camera is shaking ever so slightly so there is some wind. it is chilly, with some location city in the 40's. as we head
6:50 am
into tomorrow we do have the potential for wet weather. partly cloudy conditions and we will continue with that chance for wet weather wednesday. full details will be coming up. all of the green on your screen indicates where we will see the '60s. pretty comfortable and mild conditions with the '60s and '70s starting to fill in as we head into your afternoon highs. there's a mix of sun and clouds of mostly sunny conditions in the south bay area. los gatos is coming in at 73 degrees. 72 for livermore and 734 walnut creek. the '60s for east bay shoreline. upper 60s for
6:51 am
north bay spots downtown san francisco 63 with clouds in the distance. with a fair amount of cloud cover if you are headed to ocean beach. we're tracking a low pressure system hundreds of miles from the california coastline it is going to make a beeline for the san francisco area for the next couple of days. we'll see a ramp up in the area with temperatures on the cooler side. there's a 20 percent chance of isolated showers. the moisture that we do see will not be significant. the seven day around the bay forecasts tuesday and wednesday friday will could bring some more showers. temperatures will finally hit the '80s this weekend. >> the bay bridge west lb
6:52 am
pride, something strange is happening here after the initial crush of traffic. now that the metering lights have been active for half an hour if the backup has disappeared. currently no waiting, with a light and easy ride so far. the san mateo bridge is starting to slow bed. no accidents have been reported. with the construction the drive times have been higher than normal. several times a day has been backing up to the toll plaza. highway 101 golden gate bridge is to let an easy commute to marin county. pleasant hill road a shutdown. 80 west is starting to build the as well as a writer and 680
6:53 am
southbound. one on one of found is still the only slow spot but it is not bad. the drive time is 19 minutes from the capitol hill j expressway. >> 20 cars involved in this crash and talladega. at one. stewart's car flipped upside down but everyone amazingly made it out of this crash in one piece. and some cancers --cars payoff everyone was still fine. >> will be back in just a
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>> taken to took the top spot bringing in $50 million over opening weekend. it's perfect landed at no. 3 with nearly $3 million in ticket sales. the line mild conditions today with the possibility of sprinkles. >> president obama waking up in california this morning and headed to the bay area. we'll be live with his visit and how it will affect your commute.
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